To produce clothing that’s functional, that moves with your body and holds no restriction to your swing! Starting to make sense? Good

What Bandito has done about it!

We’ve sourced materials containing flexibility properties, looked at material thickness and production processes that suit the movements made during the golf swing. Smart hey! Golf is a high body function sport so it made sense to us at Bandito to develop a product that allows you move with utmost ease.

Did you know your hands travel (depending on the length of your arms) a total distance from set-up to the swing end approximately 21 feet. Your shoulders rotate around 90 degrees on the backswing then over 180 degrees from that point to the finish position of your swing. Your right shoulder if right handed can be 4 – 7 inches further away from your belly button at the top of your backswing than it was at set-up position. Your left shoulder then if right handed can be up to 5 inches further away from your belt buckle at impact than it was at set-up.

Source; 5 amateur golfers and 2 Professional golfers measured

Take a quick look at the demonstration we’ve made for you comparing our material against a top named brand polo shirt to see what we mean. Link Video

Our shirts have been designed from scratch starting off as plain white fabric, the sublimation design and colouring process is then implemented incorporating the logo and branding. Yes that’s right everything including the logo is in the material not on it! This means to touch you simply cannot feel it! There’s no tension on the fabric from transfers or embroidery making Bandito shirts one of the most comfortable, flexible, functional golf shirts on the market today, moving with you not against you!

The colour and design process means that lines and colours will not run or smudge under any laundry method and does not weaken the fabric like many other dye or transfer processes do.

We’ve thought of everything when it comes to the design.

The shirts are longer from top to bottom than a normal polo shirt, important?  YES! Your spine can increase in length by up to 3 inches from your standing upright position to your set-up posture so unless you want the world to view your builder’s, shirt length is very important.

The sleeve holes are slightly longer and wider to allow even more freedom of movement.

The stitching chosen also moves more than other methods to reduce fabric pull